Celebrating a Legacy of Leadership:

Virginia Maritime Association's Role

in WWII Supply Chains


Better Connecting, Better Informing, and Better Representing

our port and supply chains for over 100 years.


August 16, 2023 

NORFOLK, VA - For over 100 years, the Virginia Maritime Association has stood at the forefront of leadership and service while tirelessly promoting, protecting, and facilitating commerce through Virginia's ports and the interests of associated industries and supply chains. We recently discovered a letter from World War II that serves as a poignant reminder of the pivotal role VMA played during one of our history's most challenging periods.

This historic document from Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy W. L. Ainsworth dated October 22, 1945, commends the Hampton Roads Maritime Exchange, now Virginia Maritime Association for its “patriotic and tireless efforts in creating and maintaining the efficient flow of supplies and equipment to our forces overseas and materially contributing to the successful prosecution of the war.” The commendation highlights the exceptional dedication of our association and its members, who worked tirelessly to ensure that the wheels of the supply chain never faltered, regardless of the challenges presented by the tumultuous wartime environment.

As we look back, it's remarkable to see how the spirit of Better Connecting, Better Informing, and Better Representing has been at the core of VMA's mission for over a century. Today, these words continue to resonate as VMA remains effective and successful in advocating for the interests of our members, port, and supply chains, bolstering economic growth, and maintaining the legacy of leadership established for over a century.

As we honor the past and celebrate Virginia Maritime Association's legacy, let us not only remember the sacrifices and achievements of those who have come before us but also draw inspiration from their example.